Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ramsay Scallop

Title: The Ramsay Scallop
Author: Frances Temple
Pages: 310
Cover Rating: 3/5
Charater Rating: 5/5
Plot Rating: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

I have to say that I really LOVED this book. And it did make it into my favorites. (Which is hard to do) I immensely loved all of the characters and how human they were. They were very relateable, and yet very strong. I think the most changed character in the book was Elenor(Nora), she changed from an uncertain child, into a strong womanly figure. Thomas also changed greatly, I think mostly in his opinion of Elenor. He also became more forgiving of himself and others. All in all I GREATLY LOVED this Book, and recommend it to all who have a love for historical fiction.


14-year-old Elenor of Ramsay's fiance, Thomas of Thornham, returns from the Crusades. The couple, uncertain of their roles in life and their feelings about each other, are reluctant to wed. Wise Father Gregory sends them on a pilgrimage to Spain; this not only buys them time but forces them to become better acquainted. Their journey is full of unexpected adventures, joys, and hardships. They see new sights, make new friends, and learn new things. By book's end, both are at peace with themselves and gracefully accept their lot.


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