Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Princess Bride

Title: The Princess Bride: S. Morgensterns's classic tale of true love and high adventure
Author: S. Morgenstern (Abridged by William Goldman)
Pages: 317 (without Buttercup's Baby") 399 (with Buttercup's Baby)
Time took to Read: 3 days
Cover Rating: 5/5
Character Rating: 5/5
Plot Rating: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

(2009 rating)

I don't know how to stress how much I love this book.... It is defiantly my favorite work of Fiction ever... The characters are timeless and perfect.... in the way that they all of major flaws.... The book is defiantly not a happy go lucky book. That I can say. If you read my quote from the book in the post bellow, it basically is the theme of the book. Life is not fair. If you watched the movie, and are thinking "Everything seamed to go just great for them, what are you talking about?" My simple answer is READ THE BOOK!!!!! It is wonderful, even though the characters are flawed, which makes it even more perfect... All in all, it is wonderful sublime and just perfect....


(the back of the book only gives this much information, so if you want more, just go to my second post on this blog, for a full summary.)

Westley, the handsome farm boy who risks death (and much worse) for the woman he loves; Inigo, the Spanish swordsman who lives only to avenge his father's death; Fezzik, the gentlest giant ever to have uprooted a tree with his bare hands; Vizzini, the evil Sicilian, whith a mind so keen he's foiled by his own perfect logic; Prince Humperdinck, the eviler ruler of Florin, who has an equally insatiable thirst for war and the beauteous Buttercup; Count Rugen, teh evilest man of all, who thrives on the excruciationg pain of others; Miracle Max, the King's ex-Miracle Man, who can raise the dead (kind of); and of course, Buttercup . . . the princess bride, the most perfect beautiful woman in the history of the world!