Sunday, April 26, 2009

Double Identity

Story: 3/5
Charitors: 2/5
Over all: 2.5/5

This book was a very quick read,
and took me about 2 days. It was
about a 12 year old girl named
Bethany who has always got what
she has wanted. If she asked her
parents for something, of coarse s
he would get it. Her parents were
lways around. When she was invited
to sleep overs, they would always come
up with a reason why shecould not go.
So why, a few weeks before her 13th birthday,
does her parents drop her off at
her Aunt's house, who she has never
even herd of? And why has her
mom been crying so much lately?

I thought it was a decent book, but defiantly
not my favorite. It was crossed between
sifi and present day. I would not recomend
this book if you have ANYOTHER books you
were thinking of reading, but if you have NOTHING
to read, than go ahead and read it, because it is not
THAT bad.