Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Transall Saga

Title: The Transall Saga
Author: Gary Paulsen
Pages: 248
Cover Rating: 3/5
Character Rating: 5/5
Plot Rating: 4/5
Overall Rating:4/5

I have to say that I am not normally a big sci-fi fan when it comes to reading books. But lately I have been really enjoying sci-fi. The other day I even bought two Star Trek books!!!! I am surprising my self daily. hehehe. Anyway, I really liked this book. I thought that it was done phenomenally. The characters were AMAZING!!! He did not really have to tell about them much for you to understand them. You found out more by their actions, which I greatly enjoyed. I thought that Gary Paulsn did a WONDERFUL job, once again. I HIGHLY recommend this book to his fans, and to fans of sci-fi.


Mark Harrison thinks he's just going mountain climbing, but as he hikes he is struck by a mysterious beam of light that transports him to what appears to be a different world. In this world is a jungle that he has to learn to survive in, dangerous animals he must defend himself from, and eventually when he meets people he must learn about their culture and adapt there.

(I did copy and paste that paragraph about the plot, but did not do the whole thing because I think it gave away to much of the story line, so sorry for the short plot description. Oh, and if you are interested in this book, PLEASE do not read any other descriptions of the book, It is best to be read when you don't know all the details, so NO READING THE STORIES DESCRIPTION!!! (this means you Bostan!!! I think you will really like this book.)