Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This site is here for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to give my opinion about books and what in the world I think about them. I am right from the beginning say sorry to the people who's favorite books I might bash. So hear it is, Sorry for bashing your ohmygoodnessIlovethatbookIcan'tbelieveyoudon'tlikeit book. For that I am eternally sorry. And for just in case somebody actually likes this site (or even reads it) your welcome for recommending your Ican'tbeliveIdidnotknowaboutthisamazingbookbefore book. Well I think that about covers it. I do truly hope you like my humble suggestions on whether you read that book you've been meaning to get at the library for the last 6 years, or you throw the book (you found on your shelf that you did not even know it existed) out the window. Your forever faithful book critic



Bostan natsuko said...

Very well put!
Stick it to them!

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